Survivors: Life Unfiltered is a joint creative project between Richard Booth, award winning photographer and Director, and Maddy Warren aka “Queen of Dialysis”, copywriter.

We have devised this project using art and storytelling as a way to portray the strength, vulnerability and resilience of those who are affected by Chronic Kidney Disease, shining a light on some of the challenges they face. Our aim is to share thought provoking, inspiring human stories that offer a different perspective on the world, as well as to provide important education about kidney health. By displaying our images as diptychs, we are seeking to contrast people’s outward facing daily lives and passions, against the less visible but significant time commitment and reality of living with their condition.


We have photographed and filmed interviews with over 30 people and families; our “Survivors” range from two to 78 years old and come from all walks of life. Their stories are all unique, covering topics as diverse as facing mortality, mental health, body image, gratitude, survivor’s guilt, silver linings, reconciling with a “new” normal and finding hope whilst living with a life limiting condition.

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Survivors will remain online as a virtual exhibition until we are able to tour in future

Maddy Warren and Richard Booth

Co-creator & Photographer Richard Booth

Co-creator & Copywriter  Maddy Warren


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Survivors: Life Unfiltered


“Kidney disease is so hidden. Constant pain and fatigue makes you feel older than your years but nobody sees you are struggling. I had 2 transplants by my early 20s and I’m back on dialysis again. I missed a lot of normal teenage stuff, I have a wonderful family but friends just drift when you are always ill or tired”

| Fez, on dialysis |


Welcome to our 3D virtual exhibition of Survivors Life Unfiltered - please enter the exhibition by using the guided tour or the manual entrance.  Can be viewed on any device - best viewed on a computer or tablet.

i - there is more information on all the boards and images if you press the 'i' button in the top right of your screen. here you will find short stories from each of the participants.

You can zoom in and move yourself around the exhibition at your own pace if you would like rather than taking the guided tour. You can zoom in and out, moving left and right, using the arrows on your screen. by clicking on the boards or images you will zoom in and see each one individually - you can then use the next or previous keys if you like.


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